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01 February 2015 @ 07:11 pm
Dude Looks Like A Lady  
Title: Dude Looks Like A Lady

Pairing(s): Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Rating: R

Genre: Romance, kink!fic (cross-dressing)

Warning(s): Language, sexual content

Length: oneshot (~5,000)

Summary: Baekhyun comes home one night to find Chanyeol wearing one of his dresses – a sight he never thought he’d enjoy so much.

‘Dressed me up in women’s clothes
Messed around with gender roles
Line my eyes and call me pretty..’

* * * * *

“What do you think – am I hot or what..?”

Baekhyun smoothed the sequined gown over his thighs and turned away from the mirror, evidently pleased with himself. Chanyeol sat up from where he’d been draped in a heap over their bed, still in his now-wrinkled work clothes, reading the same battered copy of War and Peace he'd been trying to get through for the better part of a year. "This isn’t a book, it’s a bloody life sentence," he muttered to himself, but he dog-eared the page he was up to anyway and tossed it aside. When he finally looked up to see his boyfriend standing in front of him, dazzlingly beautiful in all his sparkly glory, he let out a low wolf-whistle of admiration.

“Wow," he said, "you look great.." The sight of Baekhyun in a dress was nothing new, but that knack he had for looking utterly fantastic in women’s clothes was something Chanyeol could never quite get used to. He almost envied it, in a way.

“I bought it for tomorrow night’s performance,” Baekhyun told him. “It’ll look miles better once I have my boobs in.” He turned around to face the mirror again, observing himself from all angles; with the slightest movement, the tiny silver discs covering the dress shimmered like the scales of a fish. “It’s heavy and uncomfortable and cost me a bomb… but it makes my arse look amazing, so I figured it was worth it.”

Chanyeol hummed his agreement. “Beauty is pain, as you always say... not that you need a dress or make-up or anything like that to look beautiful, mind you.”

“Oh really?” Baekhyun asked, turning to look at him with interest. Chanyeol thought he could detect a playful glint in Baekhyun’s gaze, or perhaps it was the way his dark eyes caught the light, much like the sequins on the dress he wore.

“Don’t get me wrong – I do love you in that dress,” Chanyeol said, reaching out to grab Baekhyun’s hand. He lifted it to his lips and kissed it. "But you know me... I’ll love you even more when you're out of it.”

Baekhyun laughed through his nose and let Chanyeol continue to kiss his hand. “You would say that, wouldn’t you..”

“Uh-huh. Now tell me, miss..” Chanyeol murmured, kissing his way up the inside of Baekhyun’s arm. “How would one go about getting this darned thing off?”

“There’s an invisible zipper down the side,” Baekhyun said, and he turned the other way so that Chanyeol could find it. Chanyeol's fingers danced teasingly up the side of Baekhyun’s body, coming to rest under his left arm, and he slowly pulled the zipper all the way down, taking care not to get any sequins caught in the teeth. As soon as he’d done this, Baekhyun slid the straps over his shoulders, letting the garment fall to the floor in a shimmering pile at his feet; he stepped out of the dress daintily, bending over to pick it up.

Chanyeol watched Baekhyun in silence as he did so, too spellbound to speak, for Baekhyun was wearing nothing underneath but a lacy garter belt to hold up a pair of seamed silk stockings, and a black satin thong to match, daringly brief and decorated with rows of sparkling rhinestones. His bare bottom was so tantalisingly close that Chanyeol could easily have reached out and touched it, but by some miracle he managed to restrain himself.

“New underwear too..?” he enquired, attempting to swallow the hard lump of longing lodged in his throat, but it remained right where it was, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. How he'd been too engrossed to notice Baekhyun getting into such a sexy outfit in the first place was a mystery to Chanyeol; the book wasn't even that interesting, for crying out loud.

Baekhyun returned the dress to its hanger and looked down at what he was wearing. “This? It’s not that new… maybe you just haven’t seen me wearing it before.”

“I don’t think I have,” Chanyeol said, his eyes still glued to Baekhyun’s rear; Baekhyun had a sizeable lingerie collection, so this wasn't surprising. “I doubt I would forget undies like that in a hurry.”

Baekhyun looked over his shoulder, coyly biting his lip. “Do you like them?”

Chanyeol nodded. “I really do..”

“Mmm. Maybe I should wear them more often,” Baekhyun replied, laughing a little.

“Turn around,” Chanyeol said in a low voice. “Let me look at you.”

Baekhyun did as he was told, slowly walking towards Chanyeol, his lower lip still caught between his teeth; as soon as he was close enough, Chanyeol grabbed both his hands, pulling him even closer. He pressed his face against the pale skin of Baekhyun’s stomach and kissed him there, in the soft space between his ribs.

“You smell nice,” he whispered, breathing in the sweet scent of Baekhyun’s skin, mingled with his favourite cologne, the one he wore daily without fail – and which Chanyeol sometimes secretly sprayed on his own wrists and neck before he left for work of a morning, just so he could smell Baekhyun on himself as he went about his day. He slid his fingers under the elastic of Baekhyun’s thong where it cut ever so slightly into his flesh and snapped it against his hipbone, making him quietly gasp in surprise.

“You’re beautiful,” Chanyeol said, and he guided Baekhyun with his hands until he was facing the other way. He traced his index finger over the length of rhinestone-studded elastic hugging Baekhyun’s hips, stopping where the row of jewels ended, just before the tiny strip of spandex disappeared into the cleft of his backside. He pulled Baekhyun down to sit on his lap with his arms wrapped securely around his waist, his hands lovingly stroking his belly before moving up to his chest, delicately circling one nipple, and then the other. “So beautiful,” he said again, pressing a soft kiss to Baekhyun’s shoulder. Baekhyun sighed happily and tilted his head to one side, encouraging Chanyeol to move up to his neck instead.

“Maybe I’ll try and get out of that work function tomorrow night,” Chanyeol whispered, his voice slightly muffled against Baekhyun’s skin. “I think I’d rather come and see you in that dress.”

“Don’t be silly,” Baekhyun whispered back. “If it’s an important dinner then you should go. You can watch me perform any old time.”

“But I want to see youuuu,” Chanyeol protested, drawing the sentence out in a childish whine. It was a shame Baekhyun couldn't see how cutely he was pouting right now, or else he'd have probably backed down.

“You can come and see me perform next time,” Baekhyun promised him, “and I’ll save the dress until then. I’ll wear something else tomorrow night instead.”

“Okay,” Chanyeol replied, seemingly happy with this arrangement, and went back to kissing Baekhyun's shoulder. “I’ll come next time, and I’ll be sure to cheer the loudest. And afterwards I’ll take you out somewhere nice for a celebratory dinner. You can keep the dress on during dinner, if you like... but I may be tempted to rip it right off you as soon as we get home.”

“You’d better not,” Baekhyun warned him, and his tone was teasing but held a trace of seriousness. “It was outrageously expensive.” He turned around to face Chanyeol and wrapped both arms around his neck, capturing his lips in a slow, passionate kiss; Chanyeol kissed him back with equal fervour, lifting Baekhyun up and gently laying him down upon the bed.

“Don’t worry,” he said, loosening his silk tie and throwing it on the floor. His shirt followed soon afterwards. “If any harm should befall the dress, I’ll buy you a new one. A better one.”

Baekhyun didn’t reply. Instead he lifted one leg up and Chanyeol took it, cradling Baekhyun’s heel in the palm of his hand and kissing the top of his foot through the sheer silk of his stocking. He reached across to unhook the stocking from the garter belt around Baekhyun’s waist, gently rolling it over the length of his leg and all the way down to his toes, which flexed and curled in response to his touch.

“I like your polish,” Chanyeol murmured absently, admiring the pearlescent pink of Baekhyun’s toenails; he lifted Baekhyun’s leg, now bare, to his lips, kissing a trail from ankle to knee, relishing the resulting sighs of pleasure and marveling at the smoothness of Baekhyun’s skin – ever since he began moonlighting as a drag performer, he'd started shaving his legs on the regular, which Chanyeol had come to love. If he was to be as lucky as he felt right now, those same silky-smooth legs would soon be wrapped tightly around his waist, Baekhyun's heels digging urgently into the small of his back, and the racy thought set his heart aflutter with excitement. He pulled the other stocking off, lavishing his attentions on Baekhyun’s other leg; he’d have gladly kissed his way further and further, trailing his lips all the way up to the gates of Heaven if it weren’t for the fact that Baekhyun was obscenely ticklish anywhere above the knee, sometimes wriggling around so violently as to cause injury to them both.

Chanyeol stood at the edge of the bed, still in his work trousers, and looked down at his lover, laid out before him so deliciously, wearing nothing but his lacy garter belt and his silly, fancy thong. Baekhyun looked up at Chanyeol with half-closed eyes, absently sucking the tip of his finger, a little habit that Chanyeol always found wildly sexy. He could never be certain if the finger-sucking was done on purpose just to frustrate him further, but it had the same effect on him every time.

“If I’d been a girl, would you still want me..?” Baekhyun asked playfully, taking his finger out of his mouth. Without warning he sat up and yanked Chanyeol roughly by the wrist until he collapsed next to him on the bed.

“I would want you in any shape or form, as long as you’re you,” Chanyeol replied, pulling Baekhyun into his arms. “I do love having the best of both worlds, though... I won’t lie.”

“How so?” Baekhyun asked, and Chanyeol kissed him softly on the lips, then a little more roughly, so that they bumped teeth and noses; it made them both laugh shyly.

“How many people do you know who can boast that their very sexy boyfriend makes an equally stunning woman?” Chanyeol whispered, gently stroking Baekhyun’s hair. Baekhyun grinned up at Chanyeol and wriggled around in his arms, making himself comfortable.

“None,” he said.


“Mmm,” Baekhyun murmured, tracing one finger along the dip of Chanyeol’s spine. “I think you’d make a lovely woman too,” he added, still smiling, and Chanyeol merely laughed in dismissal of the idea.

“Me? Naw… I’m too tall and gangly. I'm all limbs. You, on the other hand, are nice and small, and still a bit soft around the edges..”

“Are you calling me chubby..?” Baekhyun interrupted, pouting in feigned indignation.

“Not at all,” Chanyeol replied quickly, “not that I’d mind if you were.”

Baekhyun laughed at that. “Nice save… I suppose I’ll let you have what you want, then, seeing as you’ve been so nice to me tonight..”

“Excellent,” Chanyeol whispered, and before they could exchange any further words, his trousers and boxers had found a new home on the floor, followed soon afterwards by the thong, which he took great delight in peeling away from Baekhyun's body, his mouth watering in anticipation as though he were unwrapping a bar of his favourite chocolate. At Chanyeol's insistence, Baekhyun kept the garter belt on, for Chanyeol enjoyed running his fingers over the lacy fabric, using it to get a better handle on Baekhyun’s hips while they made love. Baekhyun had a tendency to get a little frantic, always eager to match Chanyeol's pace, or sometimes exceed it, and so Chanyeol liked holding on to him, slowing him down whenever he got too close to the edge until they had both reached the point where they couldn't hold on any longer. He knew it drove Baekhyun crazy when he did that, but it also helped prolong the pleasure for them both; Chanyeol was not a man of many virtues, by his own definition, but of all things he did have patience.

"Chanyeol," Baekhyun whispered hoarsely, the strain in his voice indicating how close he was. In Chanyeol’s eyes, Baekhyun was at his most beautiful like this: completely lost in the moment, whispering Chanyeol's name over and over, building up to an agonising, pulsating crescendo until, at long last, he sang out the timely arrival of his climax for everyone to hear – possibly even the nearly-deaf old lady in the apartment a few doors down, Chanyeol suspected. Thankfully, no one had ever complained – at least not yet – but it was bound to happen eventually.

Chanyeol tenderly kissed Baekhyun’s forehead and held him tightly, waiting for him to recover; eventually Baekhyun’s chest stopped heaving, and his arms loosened themselves from around Chanyeol’s neck, falling by his sides onto the bed. He seemed too exhausted to move, and so Chanyeol got up and performed the necessary post-rumpypumpy clean-up duties like the loving, attentive boyfriend he was.

“I love you,” Baekhyun whispered as Chanyeol returned to bed, and he curled up at Chanyeol’s side with a quiet sigh of contentment. Chanyeol kissed him softly on the mouth and whispered his reply. He soon fell asleep with Baekhyun safe and warm in his arms, as he did every night.

* * * * *

His gender identity was something Chanyeol had never really given much thought until he and Baekhyun started living together. When he'd first asked Baekhyun why he occasionally enjoyed dressing as a woman, his boyfriend had simply shrugged, as though Chanyeol were asking him something as routine as why he drank coffee, or took showers instead of baths. "Because I like it," he'd said at the time, and it was only when Chanyeol probed him further that he learned about Baekhyun's 'girl days', 'boy days' and 'both-or-neither' days. The concept was simple enough: some days Baekhyun felt masculine, some days he felt feminine, and some days he felt like both or neither, and yet it had seemed entirely foreign to Chanyeol the first time Baekhyun had explained it to him; it only began to make sense as they spent more time together, when Chanyeol saw how Baekhyun seemed equally comfortable in whatever skin he happened to choose for the day. By then Chanyeol had reached that point of no return, where his curiosity on the topic was sufficiently piqued that he knew he wouldn't get it out of his head until he saw what it was all about with his own eyes.

And so, when Baekhyun called him up one night and said he was going to be held up at work until late, Chanyeol seized the opportunity to learn a thing or two about himself, pulling Baekhyun's new sequined gown out of the closet. It all started out rather innocently, at first; not wanting to risk damaging the precious garment, he held it in front of himself before the mirror, frowning contemplatively at his reflection; and then, not being satisfied with this alone, he decided to try it on – but only quickly. What Baekhyun didn't know surely wouldn't hurt him.

But then, he thought, boxers wouldn't look right under such a figure-hugging gown... Chanyeol didn't know a whole lot about the intricacies of feminine apparel, but he did know that much. Perhaps he could try it on naked... but that didn't feel right either.

Chanyeol pulled open the dresser drawer containing Baekhyun's lingerie and rifled through it carefully, being mindful not to disturb the neatly folded garments within; at last he happened upon a black satin bustier with lace panels down the sides, and sheer lace panties that looked vaguely as though they matched; these he put on with some difficulty. The panties were so tight as to be uncomfortable, rubbing against his most sensitive parts in a way that was more painful than pleasurable, but Chanyeol remembered Baekhyun's motto about beauty being pain and vice versa, and so he grinned (not really) and took it like a man. The bustier was a whole other ball game, fastening up at the back with so many tiny hooks that he had to stand with his back turned towards the mirror to see what he was doing. He kept getting the wrong hooks in the wrong eyes, undoing and redoing them again more times than he cared to remember, swearing under his breath all the while. When he finally had the bustier on correctly he felt an incomparable sense of achievement, like he'd just conquered Everest; if this was what the fairer sex had to deal with on a daily basis then Chanyeol felt sorry for them, but at the same time the end result when he examined himself in the mirror was extremely satisfying. He could see why Baekhyun got a kick out of dressing this way.

Lastly he put on some lace-topped thigh-highs, pulling them up carefully to avoid laddering them; for a moment he seriously entertained the thought of shaving his legs, but then decided against it – that would be going too far, and the dress was long enough to cover them anyway. He slid the gown from its hanger with the utmost respect, almost holding his breath as he did so, and stepped into it, pulling it up over his body and loving the way it seemed to hug him all over. He zipped it up and turned towards the mirror, almost instantly falling in love with what he saw.

“Fuck, am I hot..” Chanyeol whispered to the mirror, turning around to look at himself from behind. He had less junk in his trunk than Baekhyun did, but the shimmering sequined fabric clung to his figure and hugged what little curves he had, creating the pleasing illusion of a perfectly rounded posterior. The dress seemed to fit him well, and while Baekhyun would have needed to wear six-inch heels to keep from tripping over it, Chanyeol was just tall enough that the hem didn’t quite reach the floor. But he couldn't help feeling like there was something else... something missing.

“A-ha,” Chanyeol muttered to himself, and yanked open his sock drawer, rummaging around inside. He came up with a pair of mismatched woollen socks, decorated with reindeer and cartoon bananas respectively, which he stuffed into the empty cups of the bustier; not being satisfied with the overall effect, another pair of socks went in, and then another.

Finally Chanyeol looked at himself in the mirror once more, inspecting his new ample (if not slightly lumpy) bosom. “Beautiful,” he murmured, winking at his reflection; he blew himself a kiss, then picked up the perfume atomiser on the dressing table and spritzed some of Baekhyun’s favourite scent behind his ears, on the insides of his elbows and on the backs of his knees, as he had often seen Baekhyun doing.

Before Chanyeol knew what was happening, it was past 9 o’clock and he was wearing a full face of make-up and a long, bright red wig – the one Baekhyun had affectionately dubbed his ‘Ariel’ wig – which flapped around as he bopped about erratically to the tune of Dude (Looks Like A Lady) turned up to eleven on his stereo. If he could have fit into Baekhyun’s heels he would have worn those too... but his boyfriend’s feet, like his hands, were narrow and fine-boned and much smaller than Chanyeol's. Anyway, it was hard enough to dance in such skintight attire without the additional threat posed by a pair of sky-high stilettos.

Chanyeol was so preoccupied with gluing on a pair of false lashes that he didn't hear someone enter the room until the music was abruptly switched off; his heart leapt into his throat and he dropped the tube of eyelash glue onto the carpet. He reluctantly turned his head to find Baekhyun standing in the bedroom doorway, looking at him with an expression of either ire or confusion – Chanyeol couldn't tell which.

"I, uh... I didn’t hear you come in…" he said, feeling his face warming up. Then he remembered that he only had false eyelashes on one eye, and quickly pulled them off.

"Yes... I got out a little earlier than I thought," Baekhyun replied, narrowing his eyes at Chanyeol. "What are you doing in my dress..?"

Chanyeol toed the carpet nervously with his bare foot. "Um... I'm not sure, actually. Are you mad..?"

Baekhyun shook his head and tossed his satchel onto the floor in the corner before finally walking into the room. He shed his suit jacket and draped it over the chair in front of the dresser. "No. Well... yeah, a little. But only because you look better in it than I do."

Chanyeol laughed nervously, only it came out as a high-pitched giggle that he had no idea he was capable of producing. "Bullshit.."

"I'm serious," Baekhyun said quietly. "You look stunning."

“I think I'm blushing,” Chanyeol replied, grinning shyly; he’d been a little too heavy-handed with the rouge, so it would have been impossible to tell either way.

“You look like a mermaid with that hair,” Baekhyun said, and he sat down on the edge of the bed, patting his knees. “Come here... Let me see you more closely.”

Chanyeol sat down next to him on the bed, and Baekhyun cradled his face in both hands, inspecting him intently. He wiped some of the blush away from Chanyeol’s cheeks and murmured his approval.

"Mmm. Beautiful,” he whispered, and then chewed his lip. "What are you wearing underneath..?"

Chanyeol stood up, pulling Baekhyun up with him, and guided his hand to the zipper of the dress. “Why don't you find out for yourself?” he said quietly, and Baekhyun nodded in silence, pulling the zipper all the way down. Chanyeol let the dress fall away from him, and he saw Baekhyun's throat bob up and down as he swallowed, his eyes drifting over his own lingerie on Chanyeol’s body.

“Should I take these off too?” Chanyeol asked. He suddenly felt the urge to cover himself up, but resisted.

“No,” Baekhyun said softly, “this might be a weird request, but... I really want you to leave them on.”

“It's not that weird,” Chanyeol replied, smiling because he understood the appeal all too well; he loved all the lacy, racy little things Baekhyun occasionally wore under his everyday clothes, and loved even more the process of getting Baekhyun out of them. Something about the thought of Baekhyun doing the same to him— slowly rolling down his stockings, trailing kisses up his legs, peeling the panties off him – made Chanyeol's blood run hot in his veins. The way Baekhyun looked now, exuding masculinity and quiet confidence in his fitted shirt and slim trousers, his dark hair only partly obscuring the growing hunger in his eyes, made Chanyeol's heart pound in a way he hadn't felt in a long time. His skin erupted all over with goosebumps.

Without another word, Baekhyun gently pushed Chanyeol back down upon the bed until he was lying flat; with his eyes locked onto Chanyeol’s, he pulled the panties down slowly and carefully, as though Chanyeol was something fragile that would fall apart at the slightest touch. At first Chanyeol thought he was only being mindful of the delicate underwear, which had no doubt cost him a lot of money, but Baekhyun disproved this theory by tossing the panties carelessly onto the floor.

“I can't get over how sexy you look right now,” Baekhyun whispered, settling next to Chanyeol on the bed, tracing his long fingers up and down the lace panels over Chanyeol’s ribs. He pulled down one of the cups of the bustier, smirking as he retrieved the balled-up socks stuffed inside it, which he threw away; Chanyeol went red and laughed a little in mortification, but he soon forgot his embarrassment when Baekhyun leaned down to take a nipple between his lips, alternating between sucking it hard and flicking it with his tongue. Chanyeol exhaled heavily in response, writhing a little against the soft cotton sheets beneath him; Baekhyun guided him with his hands until he rolled over onto his stomach, and Chanyeol could feel him unhooking the bustier at the back. His fingertips were cold against Chanyeol's skin, making him shudder involuntarily.

“I'm surprised you managed to get into this thing without assistance,” Baekhyun said, the amusement clear in his voice. He breathed on his hands to warm them up a little before continuing. “I sometimes still have trouble with it myself, and I’ve been doing this for years. Sit up, please.”

Chanyeol sat up and, at Baekhyun's prompting, lifted his arms. Baekhyun gently eased the bustier off his body and tossed it aside in the same vague direction the panties had gone.

“What about the stockings?” Chanyeol asked. Now wearing nothing but Baekhyun’s lacy thigh-highs, he somehow felt even more naked than he would have felt if he’d worn nothing at all.

“Leave them on,” Baekhyun said. Chanyeol turned around to face him, but Baekhyun shook his head and clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“Not so fast,” he whispered harshly. “Back on your tummy.”

At the unfamiliar (but not unwelcome) authoritative tone in Baekhyun’s voice, Chanyeol did as he was told without question. He felt Baekhyun's hot breath on his skin while he hovered over him, his warm lips trailing soft kisses down Chanyeol's back. “Are you wearing my cologne..?” he asked, pausing for a moment, and Chanyeol grinned sheepishly, hiding his face in the pillow beneath his head.

“Mmm...” he said, chuckling softly. “Maybe.”

“I love it on you,” Baekhyun whispered. “Fuck, you smell so good. Why are you doing this to me..?”

“I'm not sure,” Chanyeol mumbled into the pillow. “This wasn't really something I planned.”

“I hope to come home and find you like this again in future," Baekhyun said; he had his arms around Chanyeol's waist now, hugging him from behind. "I really do..”

Chanyeol laughed at that; he propped himself up on his elbows so that he could turn around and see Baekhyun's face. “And here I thought I was getting a bit carried away..”

“Not at all. I never thought I’d get so turned on seeing you like this," Baekhyun told him. "I didn't think it was possible to be more in love with you, but here we are."

“Now you know how I feel, I suppose,” Chanyeol said quietly.

"Mmm-hmm,” Baekhyun hummed in reply. “Roll over, now.”

Chanyeol did as he was told, and the way Baekhyun was looking at him made his heart pound all over again.

"Are you alright if we do it like this?" Baekhyun asked, leaning over him, his hair falling into his eyes. "I know it's been a while.."

"You can do whatever you want with me, or to me, as far as I'm concerned," Chanyeol whispered.

Baekhyun nodded and undressed himself quickly, then turned back to Chanyeol and pinned him down against the bed. It hadn't occurred to Chanyeol until now how much he'd missed feeling the weight of Baekhyun's body on his own; perhaps he would allow himself to be loved like this more often.

"I'm really glad we're doing this," Baekhyun whispered into the crook of Chanyeol's neck, as though reading his mind. "Lately I've been feeling like the sex has been all about me... like maybe I haven't been paying as much attention to you as I should."

"I hadn't really noticed," Chanyeol replied, and it was true – he hadn't. But then he'd never really minded what their sex life involved, just as long as they had one.

"Well, even so, I'm going to take good care of you tonight," Baekhyun said, littering Chanyeol's neck with kisses, "so just relax and enjoy."

"Fine by me," Chanyeol agreed, because who was he to refuse such a proposition?

"My only request is that we keep the wig on," Baekhyun said, laughing a little. "Don't ask me why... I may have a bit of a thing for mermaids."

Chanyeol found himself chuckling too. "When did you make this discovery..?"

"About ten minutes ago,” Baekhyun replied, kissing him noisily on the cheek.

Chanyeol laughed again, but it quickly turned into a moan when Baekhyun sucked a love bite into his neck. "Remember – keep them under the clothes," he warned. "I can't rock up at tomorrow's board meeting with a massive hickey peeking out of my collar."

"Why not?" Baekhyun asked, laughing wickedly. “You can wear my dress to your meeting if you like... the visible evidence of our bedroom activities will accessorise it perfectly.”

"Maybe I should. People might actually pay attention during my presentation for once," Chanyeol mused.

"Mmm. I told you you'd make a beautiful woman, didn't I..?"

"Oh, stop it."

"No, really… you're gorgeous," Baekhyun whispered, and after that they both stopped speaking altogether in favour of more kissing, their tongues tangling lazily together. Chanyeol already knew how skilled a lover his boyfriend was, but had never experienced anything quite like this; Baekhyun was attentive and loving and seemed fully aware of his needs and desires, setting Chanyeol's body alight by the gentle exploration of his hands, and covering his bare skin with sweet kisses. He told Chanyeol many times that he was beautiful, whispering softly in his ear while he made love to him, capturing every moan, every laboured breath that escaped Chanyeol's lips with his own. Although his endurance was something he usually took great pride in, Chanyeol was too aroused by the whole experience to last very long.

When it was over, Baekhyun gently pulled the Ariel wig from Chanyeol's head and threw it onto the floor to join the rest of their clothes. "I feel even more naked now," Chanyeol whispered; Baekhyun laughed and rested his head on his chest. He played with Chanyeol's hands, humming a little tune that Chanyeol couldn’t identify immediately, but which he eventually recognised to be Dude (Looks Like A Lady).

“Sorry,” Baekhyun said, chuckling softly. "I've had that bloody song stuck in my head since I walked in on you earlier."

"So, this begs the question," Chanyeol piped up, gently stroking Baekhyun’s hair. "Do you like me better as a man or a woman..?"

Baekhyun thought about it for a moment. "I just love you, and only you,” he said. “That's my honest answer. But you would make a beautiful woman. A very beautiful woman indeed."

Chanyeol nodded, satisfied with the reply. "Alright. I have another question."

"Fire away."

"Does this mean I'm prettier than you?"

"Excuse me? Not on your life, boy," Baekhyun replied, laughing at the thought. "Sweet dreams," he added, and, pulling Chanyeol's arms around his waist, he promptly went to sleep. Chanyeol snuggled up against Baekhyun and sighed happily; he decided he could live with that, at least for now.


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this was FANTASTIC, and so cute too!
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ahh thank you! xx
erie_sa: pic#126169190erie_sa on April 3rd, 2017 06:09 am (UTC)
Since we recently became mutuals on twitter and I remembered those fics that you wrote for Bae and a few other ones (that I loved) I decided to stalk your lj and slowly start reading the ones that I didn't know already when I have a little spare time. So that's how I found this... Wow...
Why didn't I know of the existence of this fic? I'm speechless. Thank you very much for blessing my soul 🌟🌟🌟 (even though you hurt me deeply) (ಥ_ಥ)
surgicalfocus: pic#82221451for_you_i_am on April 4th, 2017 12:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you liked it (╹◡╹)/prays for your soul/ xx